Component of Dissemination

It generates an information platform and its availability for all the actors involved in the framework of the Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy. The main results are: Main Results Dissemination Component

3.1 Dissemination of Information

  • Generated new sources of information on the topics of Standardization and Financing in Energy Efficiency with the publications of:
    • “Financing of EE Projects in Central America”.
    • “Introduction to EE Standardization and Labeling in Central America”.
  • Market studies on electricity consuming equipment in Central America:
    • Air Conditioners and Electric Motors.
    • Lighting Systems.
  • Preparation of a CD with the following technical information:
    • Energy Efficiency Policy Strategy for the Electricity Sector in Central America and the Dominican Republic.
    • Introduction to Standardization and Labeling in Energy Efficiency in Central America
    • Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects in Central America
    • 4 Technical Manuals and Fascicles of Good Practices in Energy Efficiency, in the technologies of: Air Conditioners, Commercial Refrigeration, Lighting and Electric Motors.
    • Case Studies of successful energy efficiency experiences.
    • «Training for Trainers in Energy Efficiency» Program.
    • Course on «Engineering Firms» in Costa Rica and El Salvador.
    • Program of «Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Industry (SMEs)».
    • Guide for the development of Energy Diagnostics.
    • Calculation of reduction of CO2 emissions.
    • Market Studies.