Regional Energy Efficiency Program


BUN-CA has defined its work agenda as a response to the energy needs and problems that the Central American region faces. Since 1991, it has focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency, and in 2014 it started the conceptualization of its Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy by designing and implementing of the Regional Energy Efficiency Project (PEER by its acronym in Spanish) for the industrial and commercial areas in Central America, which is implemented by the PNUD and receives funding from the GEF (2006-2011).


PEER has two main objectives:


A development objective:

  • To detonate the energy efficiency market around the end-use of electricity, especially in illumination, motors, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

A global objective:

  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by thermal generation in the interconnected national systems in Central America.


PEER centers its work on 4 target countries: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition to that, it shares this knowledge platform with all the other countries of Central America: Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.