About us

BUN-CA Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO), legally founded in 1991, that is based in San José, Costa Rica. It works within the Central American region, from Belize to Panama, and it is focused on the following topics: i) Renewable energy using cleaner energies that are commercially viable, and ii) Energy efficiency to optimize systems involved in the generation, distribution and final use of energy, especially for vulnerable populations.

BUN-CA focuses on the following areas:

  • Development of investment portfolios: It maintains a network of manufacturers, developers, marketers and consultants with whom it develops programs and projects, integrating knowledge management and capacity development at a regional level.
  • Public policies for energy access: It coordinates with the authorities of national and municipal policies, promoting the development of regulatory frameworks that facilitate an alternative paradigm towards sustainable energy markets and adding opportune actions related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. 
  • Information and communication: It operates an information and communication platform around its work areas, through North-South cooperation, the exchange of experiences on a horizontal level, preparation of technical manuals and brochures of good practices, case studies, etc., with the purpose of strengthening knowledge management with a multi-actor approach and adding fundamental aspects of gender equality and social inclusion.


Our mission

The mission of BUN-CA is to contribute to the development and strengthening of Central America’s capacity to increase its production through the sustainable use of natural resources, thereby improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.






We are pleased to present you with the opinion of the external auditor who audited the administrative and financial execution for the 2019 period: