2nd Centr al American Workshop on Energy Efficiency Standardization and Conformity Assessment

The 2nd Regional Workshop on “Energy Efficiency Standardization and Conformity Assessment , jointlyorganized by the Salvadoran National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) and BUN-CA, will take place this coming April 24th in San Salvador. This event is supported by the Energy Secretariat ( SENER) and the Energy Savings Commission (CONAE) from Mexico.

This regional encounter is meant to follow-up on the development of technical standards and energy efficiency conformity assessment procedures at the regional level that are applicable to electric motors, air conditioners, efficient lighting, and refrigeration, as well as proposing actions with standardization authorities to promote harmonization in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Case Study: San Bosco Hotel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

BUN-CA, in the Regional Dissemination Component and through co-financing by the Government of the Netherlands, issued the Case Study on San Bosco Hotel, located at Fortuna in San Carlos, Costa Rica.  The San Bosco Hotel is an experience showing the economic benefits achieved in power consumption savings from implementing profitable energy efficiency measures in small hotel facilities. (more information)

Costa Rica: Energy Efficiency Regulations in Public Consultation

Within the framework of PEER, BUN-CA reports on the recent development of a standard for alternating current motors that is currently under public consultation by the national standardization agency ( INTECO). This standard includes energy efficiency limits, labeling, and testing methods.

For additional information, please get in touch with Miss Cindy Madrigal at cmadrigal@inteco.or.cr


Group Discussion on Gender Issues in Energy Efficiency Projects

Last Wednesday April 9th in the framework of the Binational Costa Rica-Nicaragua Project, supported by HIVOS, an international organization, BUN-CA held in Managua, Nicaragua the Group Discussion known as “Gender Approach in Hotel Sector Energy Efficiency Projects”.

This event was facilitated by women experts on gender issues from the organization Coopesolidar R.L., and was attended by BUN-CA staff and representatives of HIVOS, small hotels, and national delegates of tourism-related agencies in Nicaragua.

This Group Discussion had the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge of Nicaraguan hotel sector participants about the gender focus, in order to enhance new capacities and tools for social and cultural equity in the Central American region.

Technical Workshop on Hotel Power Savings, Estelí

In the framework of the Binational Costa Rica-Nicaragua Project, and as part of BUN-CA Strategy of providing support to small and medium businesses (SMEs) on the issue of energy efficiency, BUN-CA conducted in Estelí, Nicaragua, last March 8th, 2008 the IV Technical Workshop on: “Ways of Saving Electricity in Hotels”, an event supported by the Nicaraguan Small Hotel Association (HOPEN) and the Northern Nicaragua Chamber of Tourism (CANTUR del Norte).

Twenty five small hotel representatives from the municipalities of Estelí, Ocotal, and Jalapa strengthened their capacities in energy-saving measures. Additionally, BUN-CA facilit ated an exchange of experiences among small hotel staff members from other regions of Nicaragua.

Meeting-Encounter of HIVOS Counterparts

The Regional Director, Mr. José María Blanco, attended the Meeting-Encounter of HIVOS counterparts working in the renewable energy sector in Central America and Cuba, within the framework of the Solar Cuba encounter 2008 . This meeting had the goal of exchanging opinions and experiences on work being done by HIVOS partner counterparts on the energy issue in the region.


ICE Compact Fluorescent Lamp Campaign

ICE’s supply of compact fluorescent lamps in the electricity savings campaign is growing with the certification of 36 new fluorescent lamp models by the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO).( more information)

BUN-CA Participation in the VIII Maintenance Engineering Congress , ACIMA, Costa Rica

BUN-CA’s Technical Officer , Mr. Esteban Marín, an engineer, will have a presentation at the VIII Costa Rican Maintenance Engineering Congress to be held on April 24-25 in San José, Costa Rica, organized by the Costa Rican Maintenance Engineering Association (ACIMA) with the purpose of disseminating the new trends in technology and their projections in the different areas of engineering, such as new market opportunities for energy efficiency . (more information).

Follow-up on the Regional EE Train-the-Trainer Program

As a follow-up on the regional training program “Train the Trainers in Energy Efficiency”, supported by BUN-CA/PEER, the Regional Training Coordinator, Lizeth Zúniga, will be paying follow-up visits in April to Central American universities that have been involved in said Program, in order to validate actions taken on the subject of energy efficiency at the academic level, as well as defining the contents for the coming Regional Workshop scheduled for next July in a Central American country.