SME strategy in Central America

BUN-CA, within the framework of the PEER project, designed the SME Monitoring and Follow-up Strategy, defining the main activities to be carried out in this important sector of the Central American economy. The actions provide continuity to those that have been carried out since 2005 within the framework of the co-financing in Costa Rica and Nicaragua by Dutch cooperation, contributing to trigger a SME Efficiency Market in Central America.

The objective is to “strengthen the technical capacity of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the application of good energy efficiency practices, monitoring and disseminating the results obtained”, during the 2008-2011 period.

The main activities will be carried out in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. They include:

  1. Technical strengthening workshops for SME consultants, using the 4 booklets prepared by BUN-CA for SMEs on: Electric Motors, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Lighting Systems.
  2. Quantification of savings obtained since 2005 in KWh and mitigated tons of CO2.
  3. Writing and dissemination of at least 5 Case Studies.
  4. Implementation of financing mechanisms for SMEs, starting from the initiative co-financed by REEEP and developed by BUN-CA, i.e.: Manual on the “Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects in Central America”.

Costa Rica: Energy Efficiency Regulations in Public Consultation

BUN-CA, within the PEER framework and as added value to standardization in Costa Rica, informs about the draft of regulations for household refrigerators and freezers, which is being voted by the members of the National Technical Committee (CTN-28). The projects under these norms are:

  • PN-INTE 28-01-04-07 Energy efficiency in household refrigerators and freezers - maximum energy consumption limits
  • PN-INTE 28-01-05-07 Energy efficiency in household refrigerators and freezers - labeling
  • PN-INTE 28-01-06-07 Energy efficiency in household refrigerators and freezers - test methods

For more information please contact Ms. Cindy Madrigal cmadrigal@inteco.or.cr

Nicaragua: BUN-CA/HIVOS, PEEST 3 Projects

El Raizón Hotel applies energy efficiency measures

The El Raizón Hotel, located in the Department of Masaya, Nicaragua, started substituting inefficient T12 fluorescent light bulbs by the energy-saving T8 type thanks to BUN-CA’S technical assistance within the framework of the Bi-national Energy Efficiency Project financed by HIVOS, a Dutch organization.

Workshop in Estelí

The last March 4, 2008, in coordination with the Association of Small Hoteliers of Nicaragua (HOPEN) and the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tourism (CANTUR), BUN-CA, within the framework if the Costa Rica-Nicaragua Bi-national Project, financed by HIVOS, was held its 4th Technical Workshop on: “Ways to Save Energy in Hotels”.

The objective of this workshop was to strengthen the technical knowledge of small hoteliers in the North of Nicaragua (Esteli, Somoto, Ocotal, Jalapa and Matagalpa) regarding Energy Efficiency, using energy saving measures and the exchange of experiences with hotels from other regions in Nicaragua as part of BUN-CA’S Strategy to support energy efficiency in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The workshop was developed in Casa Esteli, located in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Costa Rica: Hotels in La Fortuna join the Bi-national Project on Energy Efficiency in the Tourism Sector

Within the framework of the Bi-national Project financed by HIVOS, technical EE diagnostics will be performed in several hotels in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica, in order to identify Electric Energy Conservation Opportunities within HIVOS’S co-financing framework.


Strengthening the Capacity of Renewable Energy in Central America -FOCER-

Technical material prepared by BUN-CA in the FOCER Project

Within the framework of the FOCER Project executed in the 2000-2003 period, BUN-CA prepared a series of Technical Manuals on Renewable Energy with a Central American scope, dealing with the following types of energy:

    • Biomass
    • Wind
    • Small-scale hydraulic
    • Solar photovoltaic
    • Solar thermal

For more information, please visit www.bun-ca.org

Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Centro de Producción más Limpia (CP+L) of Nicaragua

BUN-CA and the Centro de Producción más Limpia (CP+L) of Nicaragua signed last February 5th, 2008, a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the objective of “Identifying a portfolio of energy efficiency projects that result in a decrease in the consumption of electric power in industrial enterprises, and thus in less greenhouse emissions from this sector”.

BUN-CA strengthens its technical and administrative team

BUN-CA welcomes two new officers, Kathya Fajardo, Director of Operations, and Abdelia Alemán, Administrative Assistant in the Nicaragua office.

You can contact them at kfajardo@bun-ca.org and asistente.nic@bun-ca.org, respectively.