Closing Event in the Training Course for Engineering Firms El Salvador

Last January 24, 2008, BUN-CA and the Association of Industries of El Salvador (ASI) held a well attended event at ASI facilities, where they awarded certificates to participants in the training course for ENGINEERING FIRMS AND POWER MACRO-CONSUMING INDUSTRIES".

Delivered in 4 modules during 2007, the course consisted of 64 hours in the classroom to train 22 engineering consultants and firms on how to seek technical/practical opportunities for power energy saving in: Energy Audits and Energy Savings in Lighting Systems, Electric Motors, Air Conditioners.

Participating businesses and independent consultants now have a methodology to perform a technical-economic analysis of energy efficiency investment projects.

The course was taught by Alfredo Aguilar, an international consultant engineer working for the Mexican Energy Saving Trust (FIDE), with which BUN-CA has signed a Cooperation Agreement within the framework of PEER since 2006.

Closing Event in the Training Course for Engineering Firms Costa Rica

Similarly, on January 23 the Association of Technology Engineers (CITEC) and BUN-CA held a closing event at Association’s (CFIA)’s facilities to present participants in the training course for “ENGINEERING FIRMS AND POWER MACRO-CONSUMING BUSINESS TECHNICIANS”with their certificates of achievement.

Through this training, participating Costa Rican companies and technicians affiliated to CITEC are able to identify energy-saving opportunities, in order to optimize investments in their workplaces. These training modules were also conducted by Alfredo Aguilar, an international consultant engineer working for the Mexican Energy Saving Trust (FIDE).

Energy Efficiency Standards Under Public Consultation

Costa Rica (PEER)

After a public consultation period and as part of the procedure to pass technical standards, members of Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO)’s National Technical Committee on Energy Efficiency (CTN-28) have began  their voting process on the following draft standards:

  • PN-INTE 28-01-01-07: Energy efficiency for self-contained commercial refrigeration equipment — Consumption value limits
  • PN-INTE 28-01-02-07: Energy efficiency for self-contained commercial refrigeration equipment — Labeling
  • PN-INTE 28-01-03-07: Energy efficiency for self-contained commercial refrigeration equipment — Test methods

For further information please get in touch with Miss Cindy Madrigal at

El Salvador (PEER)

The Salvadoran National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) has developed the following energy efficiency standards for compact fluorescent lamps and motors, which are currently in the public consultation period:

  • NSO “Energy efficiency and safety of integrated compact fluorescent lamps, energy performance requirements, and labelling”.
  • NSO  “Energy efficiency of three-phase, induction, squirrel-cage AC motors with 0.746-373 KW power ratings. Limits, test methods, and labeling ".

Documents for these standards may be accessed at
For additional information please contact Ing. Evelyn Castillo, CONACYT, at Tel: 2234-8430, e-mail:                    

Technical Material Developed by the Sectoral Energy Directorate (DSE)

The Sectoral Energy Directorate of Costa Rica has developed a series of Technical Manuals on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to make them available to the general public for information and reference purposes.
Materials developed include:

  • Manuals on applying and strengthening Renewable Energies, such as:
    • Biomass
    • Microhydroelectric power
    • Wind energy
    • Photovoltaic energy

And on energy efficiency:

  • “Savings Guardians” (Guardianes del Ahorro) educational software.
For further information please visit the website:

REEEP Introduces Its New Website

BUN-CA is pleased to announce the new website provided by REEEP to its partners and implementation agencies, In this new website you may find information on efforts made by BUN-CA on Central American standardization and labeling issues (more information)


HOPEN Holds Its General Assembly, PEEST as One of Its Major Achievements

The Nicaraguan Small Hotel Association (HOPEN), together with the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), carried out its General Assembly of Members in December 2007, with the purpose of strengthening and disseminating achievements reached as a hotel association. One of the main achievements in this General Assembly was an alliance with BUN-CA to provide HOPEN member hotels with training and technical strengthening through energy efficiency BUN-CA experts. This initiative will be implemented throughout 2008 and will be cofinanced by the HIVOS Foundation and the PEER Program (UNDP/GEF).

Monitoring Savings in Small Nicaraguan Hotels

Within the framework of the Binational Project (PEEST III) financed by the Dutch organization HIVOS, BUN-CA has started the process of monitoring and verifying energy savings in small Nicaraguan hotels, as a result of their implementing the Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) recommended in BUN-CA’s Technical Visit Reports and trainings.