Promotion of Market Opening Incentives

Economic Scenario Provides Opportunities for Encouraging Energy Businessess

Central America trade opening offers an opportunity for encouraging private sector involvement in electrical markets, while creating a new savings culture concerning the use of electricity.

During the last decade, the legal framework regulating this sector in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama has undergone significant revisions to enable entry of new players in the electrical market, although other groups, such as end-consumers, need to join the business.

The new conditions of this dynamics were discussed at the encounter called “Regional Workshop on Incentives for Opening Energy Efficiency Markets”, which took place at the Aurola Holiday Inn Hotel in San José, Costa Rica.
The workshop was sponsored by the Central American Environment and Energy Commission (CCAD), the Alliance on Energy and Environment with Central America (AEA) with support from the Energy Network Foundation (BUN-CA), the U.S. Agency for International Development (US-AID), and the Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
This activity was organized as part of the Central American Strategy on Energy Efficiency developed by BUN-CA under the sponsorship of the Unted Nations Development Program (UNDP)’s Global Environment Facility (GEF).


Hotels Get Sustainability Certificate

Iniciative was developed with support from the Netherlands Ministry of the Environment and the Energy Network Foundation (BUN-CA)

Two hotels, Arenal Springs in La Fortuna of San Carlos and Best Western Jacó Beach, located in Garabito county, managed to receive their Tourism Sustainability Certificate (CST) thanks to efforts made by BUN-CA. 

These two hotels are part of the Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourism Sector (PEEST) that included hotel management and staff training talks, as well as the development of best practices to improve electricity utilization in developing the business.

The work done by PEEST –a project promoted by the Energy Network Foundation (BUN-CA) and the Netherlands Ministry of the Environment– was developed at hotels located in the Central Pacific coast of Puntarenas and in La Fortuna of San Carlos, where conclusions of the plan started in 2004 were presented.

The list of plan achievements included implementing 21 energy diagnoses, identifying potential investments in energy efficiency in the amount of $150 thousand, and conducting five training workshop for 39 hoteliers.


Business Training

BUN-CA developed in El Salvador and Costa Rica the Third Training Module aimed at engineering firms, consultants, and engineers on the subject of energy efficiency in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems The last module will take place on November 08-13 in El Salvador and Costa Rica on the topic of “Strengthening Entrepreneurial and Business Capacity for Energy Efficiency”

Second Train the Trainers Workshop
In the framework of the regional initiative on Energy Efficiency the second workshop of the “Train the Trainers in Energy Efficiency” Program, targeted on teachers in the technical areas of electricity, mechanics, chemistry, and electro mechanics, will take place.
This encounter, scheduled for early December in San José (Costa Rica) and conducted by international experts, is meant to strengthen Isthmus teacher capacities to support the market transformation on efficient electricity use in industrial and commercial sectors, focusing on the topic of Efficient Lighting.

Last October 25, at the Arenal Kioro Hotel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, a Workshop took place to close the activities on the Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourism Sector (PEEST II) attended by 10 hoteliers, with the purpose of presenting results achieved in implementing this Project. 

At El Conquistador Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua, BUN-CA conducted the Workshop on Best Practices in Power Saving, intended to strengthen Nicaraguan hotelier technical capacities on energy efficiency and power saving.
The Workshop addressed such topics as electric energy savings and best practices in: air conditioning, lighting, water heating, and electric billing, and was attended by 25 hoteliers, including managers, directors, and maintenance staff.

BUN-CA has the pleasure of introducing Zoraida Bravo, an engineer, as its new Country Representative in Panama.
Ms. Bravo has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and a graduate degree in Top Management, which, together with her experience in the Industrial and Commercial Sectors of the Republic of Panama, provide an excellent support of activities performed by BUN-CA in the Central American region.
For any information she can be reached at telephone: 6470-8599 or at her e-mail address:
Likewise, BUN-CA is bidding farewell to Orlando Aguilar, who shared his knowledge and experience with BUN-CA for over 10 years, and whose academic horizons will be expanded by a new academic opportunity.