Regional Energy Efficiency Project in Central American Industrial and Commercial Sectors -PEER-


Training Course for Engineering Firms

Following up on PEER Annual Operating Plan, the first Training Program for Engineering Firms, consultants and engineers belonging to the Salvadoran Industrialist Association (ASI) and the Costa Rican Technologist Engineer Association (CITEC) took place last July in El Salvador (July 05-06) and Costa Rica (July 09-10), respectively. The course was conducted by Fideicomiso de Ahorro de Energía (FIDE), the Mexican Energy Savings Trust, within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed by BUN-CA and FIDE in December, 2006.

This Training Program will be developed in 4 modules, with the first module covering issues on Energy Diagnoses and Efficient Lighting, as shown in the attached subject matter contents.  The other modules will deal with electric motors (August 2007), air conditioning (October 2007), and energy efficiency investment business plans (November 2007).

Agenda ASI - El Salvador                                                                                              Agenda  CITEC - Costa Rica


SME Consultant Training

BUN-CA delivered a training on “Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises in Nicaragua” in coordination with the Nicaraguan Small and Medium Enterprise Institute (INPYME).  As a result of this training, technical capacities of 14 independent consultants, as well as engineers or plant managers of small and medium businesses (SMEs) in Nicaragua were strengthened concerning energy efficiency in the end use of electricity, sharing the practical experience developed by BUN-CA in applying this kind of services.

The subjects covered included Energy Efficiency in Lighting, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Electric Motor technologies, Power Factor, and Load Management at the training’s theoretical stage.  A tour of six SMEs subsequently taken to apply the imparted theory was followed by the development of technical reports on the visits made.

FOEX Training Course

Last June 04 a Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Energy Diagnoses was imparted in El Salvador by BUN-CA official Orlando Aguilar, an engineer, to the technical team of Production Development Fund (FONDEPRO)’s Export Promotion Fund (FOEX), an agency of the Salvadoran Ministry of Economics (MINEC).

This Workshop was intended to strengthen FOEX staff on the subject of energy efficiency as part of FOEX and BUN-CA joint efforts to promote technical assistance services on this matter for SMEs through FOEX financing available to this important sector of Salvadoran economy.



FOEX Training Course, San Salvador, El Salvador, June 2007



CONACYT Training Course



On June 26 and 27, a Workshop on “Standardization and Labeling: Reasons for Using Energy Efficiency Standards”, organized by the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) together with BUN-CA, was conducted within the framework of the (PEER) Project implemented by UNDP and financed by GEF, at the Hilton Princess Hotel in San Salvador.


This workshop is part of the activities scheduled for 2007 by BUN-CA and CONACYT, with the purpose of regionally promoting an Energy Efficiency market transformation in Central America by supporting efficient electric equipment standardization and labeling programs.

The Workshop was targeted on Salvadoran government officials in charge of customs, the academic sector, equipment and service suppliers, and the industrial and commercial private sector, and received technical assistance from the Mexican National Energy Commission (CONAE), in the framework of cooperation from Mexico’s Energy Secretariat.

The Workshop agenda is attached.


Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourist Hotel Sector        -PEEST- 

Monitoring at Hotels

The next step after delivering Energy Diagnoses to PEEST initiative participating hotels is the monitoring task, meant to determine with hoteliers their interest in assessing implemented measures or accompany them in evaluating each savings opportunity identified in the hotel. To this end, BUN-CA is paying monitoring visits to each Target Hotel.

During these visits, identified Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) are valued and analyzed together with the hotelier, and their possible implementation process is discussed.

As a consequence of these visits, hoteliers are given the opportunity of getting support to develop a Business Plan they can submit to a Financial Institution with the purpose of getting financing for identified projects, or knowing the results of financing them with their own funds.

Training on the Tourist Sustainability Certificate (CST), San Carlos, Costa Rica, May 2007

Training on the Tourist Sustainability Certificate (CST)

Within the PEEST Project framework 3 hotels, one beach and two mountain hotels, have received support in the process for getting their Tourist Sustainability Certificate (CST) granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). 

This time Arenal Springs Hotel (La Fortuna, C.R.) management made a presentation to ICT assessors, Ricardo Mora, Alberto Salas, and Séfora Cerrato, concerning assessment of their Tourist Sustainability Certificate (CST).

In this process BUN-CA highlighted its support to the hotelier around CST Energy and Water descriptors, the efficient use of these resources by the hotelier, as well as the current use of efficient equipment at this Hotel.

 Binational Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourism Sector

– Nicaragua-Costa Rica – 



Hard Work

BUN-CA is currently carrying out other inititiatives, such as the Binational Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourism Sector (PEEST) taking place on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with support from the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (PEER) in Central America.

According to BUN-CA Director, José María Blanco, the energy item is one of the largest costs for many SMEs, where sales account for a major income in the family budget, but which usually work under low operating budgets.

“In many small industries in such sectors as small hotels, bakeries, or handicraft making, power consumption may be considerably reduced through a good guidance. This reduction would increase their profit margin and improve life quality for many small production units”, explained Blanco.



Awareness-Raising Workshop in Liberia, Costa Rica

Last June 19 an awareness-raising workshop, called “Orientation for Implementing the Binational Nicaragua – Costa Rica Project” took place as part of the Binational Project in Liberia, Costa Rica.

The event was carried out at the Hotel Daysita Inn Resort and was attended by this hotels management and maintenance staff.

This Workshop was meant to raise awareness among Liberian hotels about reducing electric waste in small hotels, in order to strengthen their image in the environmental field, lower their operating costs, and achieve higher competitiveness.


Last July 05, BUN-CA signed an Institutional Cooperation Agreement with the the Costa Rican Technologist Engineer Association (CITEC). This agreement is intended to support academic and technical cooperation aimed at strengthening Energy Efficiency markets and best practices in the Costa Rican industrial sector.

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