Regional Energy Efficiency Project in Central American Industrial and Commercial Sectors -PEER-


SME Course in Nicaragua

PEER, together with the Nicaraguan Small and Medium Business Institute (INPYME), will develop in June a training workshop for SME consultants.

The workshop main objective is strengthening technical capacity in Energy Efficiency in Nicaragua, as well as visiting SMEs to identify energy conservation opportunities in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Lighting.

Further information will be provided in our next issue.

Training Course for Engineering Firms

A training program aimed at engineering firms, consultants, and engineers in member companies of the Salvadoran Industrialist Association (ASI) in El Salvador, the Costa Rican Chamber of Industries (CICR) and the Tecnologists Enginner's College (CITEC) in Costa Rica. and delivered by Mexico’s FIDE within the framework of the 2006 BUN-CA/FIDE Agreement, will take place next July.

This technical event will deal with energy diagnosing and efficient lighting, in order to provide participants with work tools on issues concerning energy efficiency in lighting to find technical/practical opportunities for savings in industry and commerce.

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Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourist Hotel Sector -PEEST-

Information Will Be Provided on Energy Project



ExpoVerde Fair on May 30-31

BUN-CA will participate in the ExpoVerde Fair to take place on May 30-31 in San Jose, with the purpose of disseminating the goals achieved by PEEST, a project currently being implemented in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The event, to be carried out within ExpoTour 2007 framework, will be organized by the Corcovado Foundation with support from the Costa Rican Tourism Professional Association (ACOPROT), the National Ecotourism Chamber (CANAECO), Horizontes Nature Tours, and Rainforest Alliance.

According to organizers, the fair intends to provide “a space for environmentally responsible offerings to show their products, educate, and market to nature friendly people and companies”.


Orientation on reading of electricity consumption bills

Tools Provided for Reading Electric Utility Bills

The effort gathered 10 hotel sector companies

The maintenance people in 10 hotels operating in the Costa Rican northern zone received training from BUN-CA to improve reading of electricity consumption bills, in order to encourage energy savings.

The hotel business group is involved in PEEST through financing from the Netherlands Ministry of the Environment in close coordination with PEER.

As Esteban Marín, BUN-CA Project Official, explained, the PEEST initiative will contribute to improving hotel competitiveness, since energy has started to be a significant operating cost in this kind of business.

“One strategy to get savings on this field is to carry out a correct reading of data contained in electric bills, because the information they provide is often higly technical. Thus, a good reading may result in implementing best practices to prevent waste,” Marín said.

 Binational Energy Efficiency Project in the Tourism Sector Nicaragua-Costa Rica  (PEEST III)



Exploring the Field for Preliminary Energy Diagnoses

Energy efficiency project organized the first visits to Nicaraguan hotels

The Binational Nicaragua-Costa Rica Energy Efficiency Program in the Tourism Sector made the first visits to hotels with the purpose of performing Energy Diagnoses in hotels.

These first Energy Diagnoses were meant to identify in hotels their potential for savings and the best practices that can be developed in Managua and Leon hotels. Additionally, general information on tourist businesses was gathered.

In the next few weeks, BUN-CA will also visit hotels in San Juan del Sur and Granada with the same purpose.


Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua



BUN-CA Signs Institutional Cooperation Agreement


Last April, BUN-CA signed an Institutional Cooperation Agreement with the Costa Rican Chamber of Industries (CICR). This agreement is intended to support academic and technical cooperation aimed at strengthening Energy Efficiency markets and best practices in the Costa Rican industrial sector.



Signing of the Institutional Cooperation Agreement

BUN-CA published the Central American Energy Efficiency Project Financing Manual with financing from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and cofinanced by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The Manual is available at our website

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