Central American enterprises save $ 4.2 million in electricity

The implementation of energy efficiency measures in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama has allowed that 183 companies, which made up PEER investment portfolio, have saved $4.2 million dollars in the consumption of electricity between 2006 and 2011, according to calculations by the Energy Network Foundation (BUN-CA).
These companies participated in the last six years in the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (PEER) that was developed in the Central American region with financing from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and executed by BUN-CA.

The investments on substitution of less efficient devices by more efficient equipment and the implementation of best practices required an investment –so far- of $5.7 million dollars, that have allowed the reduction in electricity consumption of 22 066 MWh. From the mitigation stand point, the emission of 31 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) was avoided due to the reduction of thermal power generation in the national interconnected systems.

Industries in El Salvador see energy efficiency as a business opportunity

The Association of Industries of El Salvador (ASI) have developed a plan to implement in 2012 a program that will allow their members to adapt their energy culture to the newly effective ISO  Norm 50001 which regulates the handling and efficient management of electricity.

The initiative was presented last September in Costa Rica as part of the agenda of the final Project Steering Committee of PEER. In the case of El Salvador, 53 companies, including medium and large consumers, have actively participated in PEER, avoiding the emission to the atmosphere of 12 642 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carlos Saade, Board Member of ASI, stated that putting into practice ISO 50001 is a clear demonstration of how PEER has made an impact in the energy management by the El Salvadorian industrialists.

Regional Training to be held in Costa Rica 

BUN-CA, with the financial support of USAID/CCAD, is coordinating a 3-day training in Costa Rica in order to exchange best practices related to the certification of Lamps Fluorescent Compact (LFC) by the Energy Efficiency Laboratory of the national power utility (ICE), the procedures implemented by the Bureau of Technical Standard of Costa Rica (INTECO) as well as sharing first-hand experience of importers of electrical equipment.

The goal is to strengthen the capacity of government officers in charge of the implementation of their energy efficiency standards, i.e.: CONACYT and the CNE from El Salvador and MIFIC and MEM from Nicaragua), in this case, focusing on procedures of certification of the LFC´s as a means to detonate an energy  efficiency market. This event will be held October 24-26, in San Jose.


BUN-CA, in an initiative supported by HIVOS Foundation, began to execute the Regional Program of Energy and Poverty in Central America, known as PREPCA, with the objective to detonate the markets for more efficient firewood stoves or ecofogones in Central America, concentrating in an early phase in Nicaragua, as well as the markets for micro-hydroelectric plants, beginning in an early stage in the Western part of Guatemala, as a means to fight poverty in the most vulnerable sectors of the population. In addition, BUN-CA will facilitate the structuring of a concept to fund a regional facility to provide non-commercial lending and technical assistance to develop these markets in the long haul.

PREPCA will also serve as a facilitator to engage other agencies of cooperation interested in structuring this Facility, and with other initiatives at Central American level committed to develop renewable energy sustainable markets for the poorest of the poor, by implementing activities under 4 main components, i.e.:

  1. Analyze the sate-of-the-art of the market at the regional level for more efficient fire-cooking technologies and for micro hydro units, as a means to contribute for poverty reduction.
  2. To promote the access of more efficient technologies to sustainable power markets.
  3. To promote energy efficiency markets for productive uses within the micro-finance industry of Nicaragua.
  4. To facilitate the development of sustainable power markets in the Central American region.
In next editions, BUN-CA will be offering more details of how PREPCA advances in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

ERA Award 2011

BUN-CA, as a means to strengthen the sustainable and efficient use of energy in Nicaragua, is providing technical support to the National Institute for Development of Nicaragua (INDE), for the Award of Renewable Energy and Power Saving -ERA 2011-.

The ERA Award aims at promoting the knowledge in the Nicaraguan society on the subject of implementing energy efficiency power markets and in the use of renewable energy technologies.

For more information: http://www.inde.org.ni/Eurocentro/ProyectoERA.html

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