PEER Reporting Meetings in Central America


On June 29, BUN-CA held in Managua the National Reporting Meeting, organized jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and UNDP, in order to present the results of PEER achieved since its inception in 2006. This event was also an opportunity for the MEM authorities for sharing the actions that they are implementing in energy efficiency in the electricity industry at country level.

This meeting was attended by 38 participants, including policy makers, equipment suppliers, and consumers of the industrial and commercial sectors who shared their experiences and lessons learned thanks to the implementation of PEER in Nicaragua.


BUN-CA, jointly with the authorities of the Secretary of Energy, the Technological University of Panama (UTP) and UNDP, will conduct on July 6 in Panama City an informational encounter of PEER, to present the results achieved at the country level since 2006, with the participation of several public institutions, academic representatives, as well as several entrepreneurs from the commercial and industrial sectors, who has actively being part of PEER.

The event will be held on July 6, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Panama City, and will also serve for the official launch of the Energy Efficiency Center by the UTP, a Center for the national training, information, and servicing on energy efficiency and best practices.

El Salvador:

BUN-CA, jointly with the authorities of the National Energy Council and UNDP, will carry out the PEER Informative Meeting on 20 July in San Salvador, to present the results achieved at the country level in El Salvador since 2006, with the participation of public institutions (MARN and CONACYT) as well as representatives of the industry and academia sectors.

Technical Manuals of PEER

BUN-CA is pleased to announce the publication of the Technical Manuals for the Air Conditioners, Efficient Lighting, Electrical Motors and Commercial Refrigeration, which form part of the Technical Series prepared in the framework of the PEER Initiative (Technical Manuals).

These technical documents, the first of its kind in the Central American, have been published in conjunction with the Technological University of Panama (UTP), in the framework of the activities that PEER has conducted since 2006 with the academic sector in order to strengthen regional capacities.

Meeting “Exchange Experiences in Nicaragua”, Managua

BUN-CA -in the framework of Regional Programme for Energy Efficiency in Small Hotels of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica (PEEST IV), which is funded by HIVOS Foundation- conducted the gathering for the "Exchange of Experiences in Energy Efficiency in Small Hotels” in Nicaragua.

The meeting, which was held last June 8, 2011, was organized to share field experiences of small-hotel  entrepreneurs in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica, the implementation of energy conservation opportunities and best practices, which not only have allowed a significant reduction of electricity consumption but also has contributed to maintain a more competitive advantage in the market (Further information).

Workshop in El Salvador

BUN-CA, jointly with the Association of Small Hotels of El Salvador (HOPES) and in a strategic alliance with the Institute of Economics and Business Administration (ISEADE), held on Tuesday, July 19, the national workshop whereshared the main results obtained by small hotels, successful experiences of their investments as well as the integration of gender aspects in the energy management for small hotels.

BUN-CA signed a cooperation agreement with RENOVABLES

On June 3, BUN-CA signed in Nicaragua a Cooperation Agreement with the Nicaraguan Association for Renewable Energy and the Environment, known as "RENOVABLES", with the aim of expanding the mission of both organizations on sustainable energy, strengthening their competitiveness and establishing business alliances on energy with the public and private sectors, at national and regional level (Further information).

A significant reduction of electricity consumption in Panamá

BUN-CA is pleased to share the positive results obtained by the Secretary of Energy of Panama under their Programme on Electrical Energy Savings in the Public Sector. The designation of an Energy Manager for each public institution has allowed to date, savings of over a million dollars per month more information (Further information).

CNE diseminates Best Practices Manuals published by PEER, El Salvador

The National Energy Council (CNE) of El Salvador has linked in its website, the Manuals of Best Practices in Energy Efficiency, elaborated by BUN-CA, which are a source of information and awareness in the triggering of efficient energy markets in Central America (Further information).

List of Efficient Equipment Suppliers

BUN-CA offers on-line the list of suppliers of energy-efficient equipment in the technologies of electric motors, air conditioners, lighting and commercial refrigeration in Central America (Further information).


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