El Salvador: 6th Congress and Industrial Fair 2010

BUN-CA Regional Director Jose Ma. Blanco attended the 6th Congress and Industrial Fair 2010 “Promoting the Economic and Social Welfare of the Country”, where different energy topics were discussed, including cogeneration and renewable energy initiatives, energy efficiency as a driver for sustainable energy development and opportunities in the Programmatic Clean Development Mechanism, all of which are key issues of greater importance for industries in El Salvador. (Futher information).

Panama: Third International Symposium on Energy

BUN-CA Regional Director Jose Ma. Blanco was on mission in Panama following different in-country activities for the Regional Program of Energy Efficiency. Mr. Blanco also gave a presentation at the Third International Symposium on Energy: “The Challenge Facing the Energy Industry”. (Futher information).

This annual Symposium is held “to find viable, low environmental impact solutions to energy problems and encourage exchanges of ideas and international experiences in an opportunity for discussion and negotiation”.

Mexico: “Forum for Energy Efficiency and Access”

In response to an official invitation from Mexico’s Energy Secretariat, Mr. Blanco participated in the forum on Energy Efficiency and Access”, co-hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum. (Futher information).

BUN-CA facilitated the participation of several Central American and Dominican Republic energy authorities in the forum under a cooperation framework with the United States Department of State through the Regional Environmental Hub for Central America and the Caribbean, based in Costa Rica.

San Salvador: Technical Workshop “Experience Exchanges on Energy Efficiency”

BUN-CA Program Officer Ronny Cascante and Technical Assistant Félix Rodríguez coordinated the Technical Workshop: “Experience Exchange on Energy Efficiency” under the Energy Efficiency Program in Small Hotels (PEEST IV) that is funded by the HIVOS Foundation.

The objective of this workshop, which was attended by 28 small hoteliers, was to give small hotel owner-operators a chance to share their successful experiences. Ms. Bellyni Sigüenza and Ms. Carolina Baiza of El Salvador compared their energy efficiency experiences with Costa Rican hotelier Mr. Vladimir Sanchez, who has implemented successful energy efficiency measures in his hotels. (See the agenda).

León, Nicaragua: “VIII Central American Forum for Small Hotels”

Program Officer Ronny Cascante and Technical Assistant Félix Rodríguez attended the VIII Central American Forum for Small Hotels: "In search of the certification of small hotels and sustainability strategy”.

This year’s forum focused on proposing strategies to help small hotels in Central America obtain certification, including ideas to assist lodging facilities in rural areas with the development of more sustainable tourism activities. (Futher information)

Climate Change Academic Program for Professionals

BUN-CA is pleased to announce a “Climate Change Program for Professionals Scholars” that has been developed by LASPAU. This program means to strengthen the professional skills of Central American Fellows by focusing on developing educational programs on climate change issues. (Futher information). 

V International Meeting on Renewable Energy Investments

The Ministry of Energy of Chile, CORFO and the Renewable Energy Center are organizing the “V International Meeting on Renewable Energy Investments”.

This event will be attended by investors, consultants, technology providers, project developers and public entity representatives in order to build partnerships for developing renewable energy projects in Chile. (Futher information).