Participation in the “Carbon Markets and Climate Finance Conference”

Our Regional Director, Jose Maria Blanco, attended the II International Conference “Carbon Markets and Climate Finance: Mexico and Central America” on September 6 to September 9, 2010 in Mexico City.  This training will support current PEER project pipeline by enhancing a low-carbon approach together with cost-effective energy conservation measures.

Monitoring of PEEST Activities in Nicaragua

During the week of 06 to 09 September 2010, BUN-CA technical officers carried out site visits to the participating hotels and SMEs in Managua and Granada in order to monitor their energy conservation measures and quantify their savings in electricity consumption.

Visit to the ITCR Facilities and Small Hotels in San Carlos, Costa Rica

BUN-CA, in the framework of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Benin - Bhutan - Costa Rica, funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by FUNDECOOPERACION, held on 24 and 25 August a technical tour to show the results of the interventions carried out in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the slaughterhouse of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR) and in the small hotels.

The technical visit was attended by Fundecooperación and HIVOS Program Officers who shared with the small hoteliers and officials ITCR the outcomes of the technical support provided by BUN-CA.

In the ITCR facilities, the participants learned about the actions taken with regard to:

  • Solar Thermal System Installation for Water Heating
  • Energy efficiency improvements in the Cooling System
  • The efficient use of water for slaughter processing, and
  • Implementation of Best Practices in the use of electricity

During the visits to the participating hotels, managers of these facilities shared the benefits of the implementation of energy conservation opportunities, now visible in the reduction of electricity consumption in a significant manner.

Under the South-South Cooperation Agreement funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed by Fundecooperación

Restructuring of the Section “Related Links” in our website

Our section “Links de interés” was reorganized in order to make it more useful to our audience. This section now offers links to different websites of the academic, governments, international agencies, and suppliers, among others, with whom BUN-CA shares common interests in the energy efficiency and renewable energy fields.

Printing of the manuals on renewable energy produced by BUN-CA

The Zamorano International University, of Honduras, with funding from GVEP International, reprinted BUN-CA manuals on renewable energy technologies for their use in academic purposes. These publications are also available in our website in the section -Renewable Energy Publications:

ISO is developing the Standard 50001 “System of Energy Management”

BUN-CA readers are informed that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO, for short) is developing the Standard 50001 “Energy Management System Standard”, which proposes a methodology to manage energy use, carbon emissions and the social commitment of the organization to implement this standard. (See publication).