Implementation of the El Salvador Mandatory Energy Efficiency Standard NSO 97.47-04:09; Household Refrigerating Appliances

BUN-CA, under the Energy Efficiency Regional Program, is pleased to report that the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), has released to the importers, manufacturers and distributors of household electric refrigerators the official procedures for the implementation of Energy Efficiency Standard.

These procedures are described in the Matrix of Conformity Assessment for Household Refrigerators available on-line at the website: See publication.

Meeting of the PEER Steering Committee

BUN-CA is organizing the 7th meeting of the PEER Project Steering Committee, in order to present to the regional members the outcomes of the last period (June 2009 - June 2010), as well as presenting  the activities scheduled for the second half of 2010. This meeting will be held next July 14th in San Jose, Costa Rica.

EE Article released in the Latin American Journal of Energy Experts

The Latin American Journal of Energy Experts issues the article “Energy Efficiency as a form of avoided generation in Central America”, by PEER Regional Coordinator, José Maria Blanco. (See magazine)

Another Hotel in Costa Ruca achieves the SustainableTourism Certificate

BUN-CA congratulates Hotel Las Colinas, located in the town of La Fortuna, that actively participates in the PEEST Initiative, to have successfully completed the certification process for its Certificate for Sustainable Tourism issued by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

This hotel is part of the BUN-CA project portfolio which has carried out significant investments in using more energy efficient electrical equipment as well as implementing best practices to save electricity, in conjunction with a monitoring plan for its electricity consumption since 2009.

Monitoring of Electrical Billing and Electrical Maintenance in Small Hotels

On July 1st. and 2nd, in the town of La Fortuna, BUN-CA and the local partner AMITUFOR, in the framework of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program in Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica, through the South-South Cooperation Program funded by the Government of the Netherlands, conducted 2 technical workshops, i.e.: “Monitoring of Electrical Billing” and “Electrical Maintenance in Small Hotels”.

Technical Training Workday. Santa Clara, ITCR Branch, Costa Rica

On June 18, BUN-CA and the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR), conducted the technical training session entitled “Environmental Challenges and Energy Efficiency Practices in Slaughter, Butchers, and Dairy Plants”.

The event was attended by 35 entrepreneurs, including farmers, butchers, dairy company representatives and Costa Rican government officials who shared the experience gained by the ITCR in the slaughter plant by processing their wastes to produce bio-compost, reducing their electricity consumption with energy efficiency, and replacing the use of bunker for water heating with the installation of hybrid system made up by a Solar Water Heating System and biogas production. More informatión:

Under the South-South Cooperation Agreement funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed by Fundecooperación

Official Certification for Energy Consumption, Costa Rica

BUN-CA and the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO) are developing a scheme for Certification of Control and Energy Consumption in hotels, in order to provide these stakeholders with a hotel official certification scheme in the efficient use of electrical energy.

Renewable Energy Supplies tax exempted, Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Official Journal 126 of June 30, 2010 has published an amendment to the Law No. 7447, which provides tax exemptions to renewable energy equipment. (See publication)

Recycling of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

The firm MRT System International offers a technological option for the disposal of products containing mercury, such as fluorescent lamps. More information: ,

The Latin American Energy Symposium 2010, Mexico

The National Association for Standardization and Certification of Electrical Sector (ANCE), Mexico, in coordination with the National Chamber of Electrical Manufacturers (CANAME) will be conducting the 5th Latin American Symposium on Energy 2010, “Global trends in energy saving and renewable energy”.

This event seeks to promote the exchange of experiences and developments in the Latin American energy sector, with the participation of national and international actors engaged in the development of the Energy Sector.

The symposium will be held on 04 and 05 next August at the Centro Banamex Mexico City. Further information: