Feedback Workshop with University Faculty, Cartago, Costa Rica

On May 17th, BUN-CA in the context of the PEER Project, executed in coordination with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR), the feedback workshop  with their university faculty which actively participated in the energy efficiency trainings organized by BUN –CA, at a regional level, during 2007-2010.

During the workshop, feedback was obtained from the experience of the Electro-mechanical Engineering Department of the ITCR and the incorporation of energy efficiency as a topic in their curriculum. The regional workshops developed by BUN-CA and the technical information provided have guided ITCR to strengthen the subject in academic courses, both at the undergraduate and at the M.Sc. level.

This workshop is part of a series of actions taken by BUN-CA in 2010 to wrap up PEER activities with the academic sector in Central America, which has led to a technical strengthening at a national and regional levels around high level academic training programs in energy efficiency.

Workshop on Energy Efficiency for small hotels: León, Nicaragua

On May 20, BUN-CA and the local partner HOPEN, conducted a Workshop on “Energy Efficiency: monitoring, maintenance of electrical equipment, and reading of the electrical billing”.

The participants learned important topics such as: preventive maintenance of electrical equipment, analysis of the electricity bill, and monitoring of energy conservation measures, for small hotels.

Technical Training Day. San José, Costa Rica

BUN-CA and the ITCR, in the framework of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica, funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed by Fundecooperación through the South-South Cooperation Program, carried out a technical training workshop called “Environmental shift and energy efficiency in slaughter houses, butcheries and dairy farms”.

The aim of this one-day technical event was to “promote sustainable opportunities carried out in the ITCR slaughterhouse, through the use of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Organic Waste Treatment”, where 42 participants were exposed to the outcomes successfully carried out by BUN-CA in these facilities.

Technical Mission to Benin

Following activities of the Trilateral Project with Benin and Bhutan for the first semester 2010, Project Coordinator, José María Blanco and Project Officer Ronny Cascante, carried out a Technical Mission to Benin from May 23rd till June 4th 2010, in order to establish coordination with national authorities in the energy sector of Benin as well as exchange technical information on renewable energy and energy efficiency matters, under the leadership of the local partner Naturale Tropicale ONG.

Field visits were organized in order to share the experience of the pilot projects conducted on photovoltaic systems installed in off-grid communities, schools and health clinics. Likewise, field visits to the generation of biogas in the Songhai Center-Division of Appropriate Technology and a large cattle and pigs slaughterhouse were samples of the kind of interventions that both countries can exchange.

For more information on this project and results of actions taken in alternative energy in Africa (Benin) and Asia (Bhutan), please visit the information platform available in English, French and Spanish at

Under the South-South Cooperation Agreement funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed by Fundecooperación

Latin American Power Symposium 2010, Mexico

The National Association for Standardization and Certification of Electrical Sector (ANCE), in coordination with the National Chamber of Electrical Manufacturers (CANAME) will be performing the 5th Latin American Symposium on Energy 2010, “Global trends in energy saving and renewable energy” , which will also integrate the National Congress of the NOM-001-SEDE, for the safety of electrical installations.

This event seeks to promote the exchange of experiences and developments in the Latin American energy sector, with the participation of national and international speakers.

The Symposium will be held on the 4th and 5th  of August at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City. (Futher information).

Creation of the National Commission of Energy and Mines, Nicaragua

By the Ministerial Resolution No. 02-03-2010, it was created the National Commission of Energy and Mines. This Commission is intended to serve as an advisory body with broad participation in Nicaragua to support the development of energy policies relevant to the sector.

Release of the Nicaraguan Association for Renewable Energy and the Environment, Nicaragua

On June 17th was the launch ceremony of the Association RENOVABLES, in Managua, a fresh entity made up by a group of local stakeholders promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in Nicaragua.