Regional Conference on Standarization: "Energy Efficiency and Electrical Security -Priorities for America-"

The Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the American Nations - CANENA - from Mexico, under the auspices of the Standards Institute of Costa Rica - INTECO - Foundation and Energy Network - BUN-CA -, invited to participate in the Conference Regional bringing together government, industry and energy experts of the American continent, to search for the priorities and needs for achieving electrical safety in a more energy efficient way. The event will be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, March 8-11, 2010.

The aim of the Conference is to identify common ground, discuss different points of view and draw lines of action for regional harmonization with the approach of standardization of energy efficiency and electrical safety.

The conference will feature speakers from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. The presentations will have perspectives at a national, regional and international level and will also have an exhibition with the state of the art product solutions for energy efficiency, designed to meet safety regulations worldwide.

With the development of this event it is expected to ensure that:

  • Participants of the National standardization committees know the harmonized regional standards in electrical safety, the relation with the IEC standards and the advantages of working and with a close regional cooperation.
  • Governments, regulatory authorities, NGOs, academic and industry will share their national and regional approaches.
  • Producers and sellers obtain a firsthand knowledge of the development structure of regional markets.
  • Organizations of professionals, designers, engineers, installers and all local participants will have the opportunity to observe energy efficiency and electrical safety-oriented technology products.

The conference registration is open to both members of the host organizations and for those who are not, likewise, will find the Conference program at or and more information.

During the Conference can also learn a variety of technology products and services that provide solutions to the growing demand for energy efficiency and electrical safety.

Major Achievements by 2009

Last December BUN-CA presented the first progress report on "Regional Energy Efficiency Program in the Tourism Sector." BUN-CA as executing agency appreciates the support given by HIVOS and we are pleased to share with our readers the satisfaction in the following results:
  • Working together with 61 hotel companies in El Salvador (8), Nicaragua (30) and Costa Rica (23), which implemented energy conservation measures and monitors energy savings.
  • Delivery of 20 Energy Diagnostics identifying energy efficiency measures that generate savings of 164,914 kWh per year and 54.3 tons of CO 2 mitigated per year.
  • Training of 319 of workers and owners of hotel companies through the implementation of 13 technical workshops conducted in 2009 in the three countries.
  • Knowledge strengthening of 15 women, owners of small hotel companies in the 3 countries, which promote and implement energy efficiency.

In 2010 BUN-CA/HIVOS and hotel companies will continue to work on monitoring and verification of the measures identified.

Visit representatives of Benin and Bhutan in Costa Rica

As part of the project "Program of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Benin - Bhutan - Costa Rica" which is developed with funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, through the Program of South-South Cooperation managed Fundecooperación, the first exchange visit was carried out with representatives of the Organizations of Benin and Bhutan, the month of December, 2009.

The visit succeeded in sharing technical information and showed the Costa Rican experience in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to representatives: Mr. Jose Dossou-Bodjrenou and Eng.Guedou Thimothee of the Nature Tropicale NGO (Benin) and Eng.Sherab Jamtsho, and Mr.Tenzin Wangda from the Ministry of Energy, in order that the experience of Costa Rica serve as an input to promote energy ventures in their countries.

With the support of local partner organizations of BUN-CA, were visited La Fortuna de San Carlos at participating hotels and organized a working breakfast, to share experiences in the hotel industry in energy efficiency and small scale renewable energy.

Visits were made and meetings of technical information on renewable energy projects owned by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad: Peñas Blancas Hydroelectric Project, and Tejona Wind Project and Miravalles Geothermal Project, concluding with a working visit to the  CoopeDota coffee producer, to examine  energy efficiency measures in a large-scale industrial operation.

Following this exchange of experiences among participating countries in this project, there are plans for a visit of the Technical Officers of BUN-CA to Bhutan, from 6th to 19th February, 2010.

BUN-CA produces a directory of suppliers of Electrical Equipment Efficient

BUN-CA invites efficient electric equipment suppliers and energy efficiency and renewable energy services in Central America to become part of the Equipment Provider Directory in Central America.

Representatives can send their company information with a brief description of products and services offered to:  before February 15, 2010.

Recognition at the Hotel Campestre El Pantano, Nicaragua

The Hotel Campestre El Pantano, located in Jalapa, Nicaragua, has been included in the directory of the Rainforest Alliance - ECOIndex- . The publishing group of Eco-Index also selected this hotel, as "the tourism business that has done the highest efforts to conserve natural resources and establish socio-economic improvements”, for the month of January 2010.

At  there are other hotels that have worked with BUN-CA and are part of this directory

Missions to Nicaragua and Panama

The Regional Director, José Maria Blanco, will be on mission monitoring activities in Nicaragua/PEER from the 20th to 22nd of January 2010; and from 26 to 28 of January, will visit Panama.