Feedback workshop with the Central American Academia

BUN-CA, with in-country support from the Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon Cañas-UCA- from El Salvador, carried out a feedback workshop aimed at university professors who have participated on the trainings conducted by BUN-CA/PEER during 2007 -2008. The aim of the workshop was to strengthen technical knowledge on national and regional high-tech courses and programs on Energy Efficiency and seek opportunities to magnify this knowledge.

The event was held on  November 13th, 2009, in San Salvador with the participation of 18 professors.

Training Program: Procedures of Conformity Assessment -PCA- El Salvador

BUN-CA, in the framework of the"Strengthening of Procedures of Conformity Assessment " project,  with co-financing from the CCAD/USAID, and the support of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) of El Salvador, carried out two workshops on "Proposed Procedures of Conformity Assessment of Efficient Electrical Products”.

These workshops were aimed at presenting to the public authorities of the energy sector and private sector representatives from El Salvador, the proposed Procedures of Conformity Assessment for the implementation of the Salvadoran Mandatory EE standards, and the necessary conditions to successfully implementing them.

The workshops were held on the 12th and 19th of November respectively with the participation of 35 representatives, including a variety of stakeholders: bilateral agencies of cooperation CCAD and USAID, CONACYT, Directorate General of Customs, importers, academics sector and consumer organizations.

Dissemination of the Technical Standards for Efficient Electric Equipment - Nicaragua

With the support of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), and in order to present to the authorities of the public sector of Nicaragua, BUN-CA conducted the workshop "Introducing the Nicaraguan Mandatory Technical Standards for Energy Efficiency" under the project "Strengthening of the Procedures of Conformity Assessment”, also cofunded by CCAD/USAID.

This event highlighted the importance of EE standardization through Mandatory Technical Standards as a tool to promote sustainable markets for efficient electrical equipment, where the role of the public sector is essential in promoting the implementation of the standards.

The workshop was held on November 12, 2009, at the facilities of the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua - CADIN - with the participation of 34 attendees, including: the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MIFIC), the Nicaraguan Institute of Electricity, Consumer Organizations, importers of equipment, and academia.


Technical Workshop Training in Energy Efficiency for Hotels in Nicaragua

Under the regional training component that implements BUN-CA for the hotel industry, during November 23th in Esteli and November 24th in Managua, two workshops were carried out entitled "Energy Efficiency: Maintenance of electrical and electrical bills".

These workshops were focused on strengthening knowledge of hoteliers involved in the topics of:

  1. electricity billing and electricity rates,
  2. monitoring of electricity consumption, and
  3. maintenance of electrical equipment.

The workshops involved a total of 31 representatives from hotels: owners, managers and maintenance workers.

Completion and Delivery of Energy Assessments to Small Hotels in Nicaragua

During November, technical missions were carried out to work with hotels, both in Nicaragua and El Salvador, which resulted in:

  1. The delivery of 10 energy assessments of small hotels located in: Managua, Leon and Poneloya. Energy Conservation Opportunities identified in the assessments have a total estimated potential of electricity savings around 15,311 kWh, with an investment of $ 5,639.

  2. Visit to 15-target hotels for energy consumption monitoring and review of the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Training Workshop on Renewable Energy for Hotels in La Fortuna Town, Costa Rica

BUN-CA, in cooperation with the Association of Micro-entrepreneurs of Tourism of La Fortuna (AMITUFOR), carried out the workshop "Renewable Energy for the Tourism Sector", with the objective of presenting to the hotels of La Fortuna, the benefits of diversifying renewable energy use, such as solar water heaters and biodigesters, in order to reduce costs of electricity bills and become more competitive.

The event was held on November 18th, 2009 at the Hotel San Bosco, La Fortuna, and involved 20 small hotels, as well as representatives of Fundecooperación.

Visit of representatives of Benin and Bhutan to Costa Rica

Management meetings and exchange of technical experiences among participating countries of the South-South Cooperation will take place from 7 to 15 of December, 2009. This visit will have the participation of the officers Josea Dossou Sagbo Bodjrenou, Thimothee Guedou from Benin, Sherab Jamtsho and Wangda Tenzin from Bhutan.

Sharing information and ensure reciprocity in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency initiatives that promotes the South-South Cooperation managed by Fundecooperación is of greater importance. The technical visit includes San Carlos (large hydroproject), La Fortuna (energy efficiency), Tilaran (wind), Miravalles (geothermal), Los Santos (cleaner production), in order to generate an exchange of knowledge between the 3 countries.


XIII National Seminar on Technical Electricity Industry, Costa Rica

BUN-CA, was present at the XIII National Seminar on Technical Electricity Sector, organized by the Association of Electricians-ADE-and the Federated Association of Engineers and Architects-CFIA-of Costa Rica. The Engineers Macario Pino and Julio Retana made a presentation about the theme "Energy Efficiency: A Business for All". The event took place on November 14th 2009 at the CFIA.

End of Year Schedule

For this end of year 2009, it is reported that BUN-CA offices will remain closed From the 18th of December till January 04, 2010.