Technical Meeting on Standardization in Electric Equipment -CONACYT- El Salvador

The past 29th of September, 2009, and in order to support the processes   of   Standardization and Conformity Assesment, a Technical Meeting took place with the Technical Committee  for Standards in Energy Efficiency of CONACYT with the participation of Mr. Gustavo Dominguez, Director of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association - NEMA - for Mexico, Central America and the  Caribbean, where he highlighted the work of the different local stakeholders in order to boost local markets of more efficient electrical equipment in El Salvador.

Workshops on Conformity Assesments Procedures

BUN-CA will be running two workshops in November, the first sponsored by the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) in El Salvador and the second with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) in Nicaragua, through co-financing from USAID within the framework of cooperation with the Central American Commission for the Environment and Development (CCAD).

These events provide the key actors in the public and prívate sector with developments concerning the Procedures of Conformity Assessment, their roles and responsibilities, to ensure the implementation of the developed technical standards for energy efficiency. For more information (

Training workshop for micro-entrepreneurs in Leon, Nicaragua

BUN-CA, La Salle Polytechnic Institute and Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises   (INPYME) under the Regional Energy Efficiency Project (PEER) conducted the workshop: "Training in energy efficiency for owners of small and medium enterprises (SME) of Leon, Nicaragua".

The workshop was held on the 28 and 29 of October 2009, at the facilities of the  La Salle Polytechnic Institute, Leon, Nicaragua, with the participation of 35 attendees. The aim was to promote the saving of electricity through a change of habits, best practices and other saving opportunities identified in SMEs in that country. (See agenda)


Training in Energy Efficiency for Hotel employers in El Salvador

In accordance with the activities of the Regional Program PEEST and in conjunction with the Association of Small Hotels of El Salvador, two training events took place in El Salvador in order to increase the knowledge of hotels employers and owners in the implementation of energy efficiency measures and good practices in the rational use of electricity.

The first workshop was held in San Salvador on September 22, 2009, at Hotel Casa Magnolias, with the assistance of 24 attendees. The second workshop was held in Costa del Sol, Department of La Paz, on September 24, 2009, at Hotel Izalco Cabaña Club, with the participation of 10 employees and owners or representatives.


Participation in the 5th Congress of Industrials, El Salvador

In order to promote and disseminate the achievements of the Regional Program PEEST, BUN-CA participated in the 5th Industrial Fair, in conjunction with the Association of Small Hotels of El Salvador, with attendance of the industrial sector, hotels, students and the general public, to whom there was a distribution of printed publications and several answers on Energy Efficiency.

Monitoring the Demonstration Project of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the ITCR - San Carlos, Costa Rica

In order to gather information for the completion of the Energy Audit, which will evaluate opportunities for energy conservation in: refrigeration, electric motors, steam systems and lighting, 3 field trips took place to the slaughter-house facilities in the Institute of Technology of de Costa Rica (ITCR), in San ta Clara, in the north of the country.

The usage of renewable energy systems is being analyzed, to reduce consumption of fossil fuels in the boiler.

Workshop on "Renewable Energy for the Tourism Sector"

BUN-CA, and in the framework of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project in Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica, will be conducting a workshop on "Renewable Energy for the Tourism Sector", with topics of solar collectors and biodigestors. This workshop has the objective of strengthening the tourist-hotel sector in implementing low-cost renewable energy.It will be held on November 18, 2009, in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

Regional Workshop on Solar Energy in Nicaragua

From the 6 to 8 of October, 2009, BUN-CA participated in the Regional Workshop: "Business Opportunities for Solar Energy in Central America" held at Hotel Barceló Managua, where we described the experiences and barriers to the implementation of Solar Energy in Central America. (See agenda)

Technical Workshop "Electric Billing", Managua, Nicaragua

On the October 22nd, 2009, as an action designed to achieve sustainability in the field of Energy Efficiency, the Small Hotel Association of Nicaragua (HOPEN), ran the workshop " Electric Billing ", directed to 32 industry representatives and electric companies with the goal of exposing to entrepreneurs, the existing electricity rates and their advantages and disadvantages.

Participation in the Second International Symposium on Energy, Panama

The 07 and 08 of octubre, 2009, BUN-CA, from an invitation of the Industrial unión of Panama, participated in the II International Symposium on Energy "Industry Facing the Energy Challenge", with a presentation on "Standardization: An opportunity for power savings" by Mr. Ronny Cascante, Regional Coordinator of Dissemination of BUN-CA.

The event had a participation of national authorities on the topic of electricity, both public and private likewise, it included an exhibition area of energy technologys and project proposals and initiatives relating to energy.

IV Regional Energy Integration Forum, FIER 2009, Cuba

BUN-CA attended the "IV Regional Forum for Energy Integration, FIER 2009", organized by the Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE, together with the Government of Cuba, where the focus of the event was "The Energy Efficiency as an Integration Tool ", which was attended by international and Regional organizations, and Governments.

Jose Maria Blanco, Regional Director of BUN-CA, participated in the 3rd Panel: "Policy and Regulatory Essentials for enhancing energy efficiency". (See agenda)

Training in Financing of Renewable Energy Projects

In the framework of the "Accelerating Renewable Energy Investment in Central America and Panama"   (ARECA), a workshop will be conducting on "Assessment and Project Financing of Renewable Energy in Panama, in Panama City during the 26th and 27th November 2009.