Presentation on Energy Efficiency to Central American Finance Institutions

Sr. Ronny Cascante, Dissemination Officer of

On August 19th and 20th was held in San Jose the first "Seminar on Evaluation and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects in Central America and Panama", organized jointly with another regional Project, i.e.: “Accelerating Renewable Energy Investments in Central America –ARECA-“, the Costa Rican Association of Electricity Producers (ACOPE) and BUN-CA, in order to disclose to financial institutions affiliated to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), a program that gives partial credit to finance small scale renewable energy projects.

In this seminar, which is performed at each of Central American countries, the BUN-CA Officer Ronny Cascante, made a presentation on "Financial Decisions for Investment in Energy Efficiency", which outlined also the potential for investments in energy efficiency projects in industries and commercial enterprises in Central America, as part of the core activities under Component II of the PEER regional initiative.

Development of Procedures for Conformity Assessment -CONACYT- El Salvador

Members of the technical Committee

The Committee for Technical Standardization on Energy Efficiency (CTN-47), a technical branch of the National Science and Technology Bureau (CONACYT), is developing the Procedure of Conformity Assessment for Commercial Refrigeration, corresponding to the Salvadorian Standard NSO 97.47.03:09, "Energy efficiency for commercial refrigeration”.

For the very first time in the Central America context, this procedure aims to facilitate and guide the coordination between the entities related to the verification and monitoring of a technical standard in order to provide refrigeration equipment with the highest energy efficiency rating, which was made possible thanks to an active participation of representatives from consumer advocacy institutions, manufacturers and suppliers, private companies, Ministry of Finance, Customs, CONACYT, and BUN-CA officers under the UNDP/GEF initiative


Presentation on Energy Efficiency in Boutique and Hotel “Las Colinas”, La Fortuna de San Carlos

Sr. Macario Pino, Project Officer of BUN-CA

On July 29th, 2009, on an invitation of the General Manager of the Hotel “Las Colinas”, Ms. Ivette Lopez F,   BUN-CA made a series of technical presentations on best practices for energy conservation to the owners of this Shopping Center, as part of its Regional Strategy to support SMEs. The training sessions included the participation of 9 small entrepreneurs who are interested to promote efficient use of electricity as part of the core of their business. The issues presented included:

  • General concepts on energy efficiency and energy savings.

  • Best Practices on lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and water heating.

  • Easy ways to do monitoring electricity savings

Capacity Building Workshop in Energy Efficiency to tourism-related entrepreneurs in La Fortuna of San Carlos, Costa Rica

Sr. José María Blanco, Regional Director of BUN-CA

Last July 2009, in La Fortuna of San Carlos, Costa Rica, BUN-CA in conjunction with the AMITUFOR local organization, started its training program "Energy Efficiency to Achieve Environmental Sustainability", which was attended by more than 40 participants, including: owners, managers, and staff of small hotels, tour operators and representatives of the electrical distribution company Coopelesca RL. Ms. Raquel Chacon, HIVOS Project Officer cofounder of this large initiative, highlighted the importance of the implementing energy savings measurtes for promoting environmental sustainability in the tourist sector.

Participants reinforced their knowledge on the efficient use of electricity, best practices, gender issues related to energy efficiency, management tools to monitor energy savings and proper maintenance of electrical equipment. During the 3-day- training, BUN-CA also introduced various funding schemes and practices of how to prepare business plans in order to mobilize energy efficiency investments.

AMITUFOR is a local Association which brings together the tourism sector microentrepreneurs of the hot tourist spot in the town of La Fortuna, with the mission to promote the strengthening of its members through training and exchange of experiences on sustainable tourism.

Participation in the roundtable "Small-Scale Producers in the global market", Managua, Nicaragua

Upon invitation of the Regional Organization HIVOS, the Regional Director of BUN-CA, Jose Maria Blanco, participated in the roundtable "Small-Scale Producers in the global market. The event was called to make an analysis of the programmatic aspects of the knowledge program for “Small-Scale Producers in the global market”, which has been proposed by HIVOS, in their focus area for knowledge management. The activity was carried out at in Managua, Nicaragua on August 10th and 11th, 2009.

Workshop on EE in Bluefields, Nicaragua

On the 18th and 19th of August 2009, BUN-CA, in coordination with the local organization BlueEnergy, conducted a theoretical and practical workshop in the Caribbean City of Bluefields, Nicaragua. This training session on energy efficiency was structured in two parts: the first was to conduct an induction on energy efficiency with representatives of different sectors of the community, involving 30 stakeholders among local public and private organizations.

The second part aimed to strengthen the technical expertise of a local team integrated by 16 technicians associated with the BlueEnergy local organization, who are eager to integrate the efficient use of electricity in its regional agenda for the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

Participation in the 4th Latin American Symposium on Energy, Mexico D.F.

The Regional Director of BUN-CA, Jose Maria Blanco, participated with a position paper "New Paradigm of the Electricity Sector: The Case of Central America" at the 4th Latin American Symposium on Energy in order to share experiences with the Mexican electric industry and relevant Latin American energy-related organizations committed to the development of the regional energy sector. The event was organized by   the National Chamber of Manufacturing Plants (CANAME) of Mexico, on 24th and 25th of August, 2009.

Participation in the Event: Peace with Nature to 2021, San José, Costa Rica

The Director of Operations, Kathy Fajardo, participated in the national Seminar "Making Peace with Nature for 2021: Challenges and Opportunities of the Energy sector in Costa Rica "which took place on the 25th August 2009 at Hotel San José Palacio. (See schedule).

Coopedota R.L. thanked BUN-CA for the support given in the electricity savings in its processing plant, Dota, Costa Rica

The Coffee Growers of Dota RL (Coopedota R.L.), a Costa Rican company dedicated to the processing of coffee for the national market and exports, which is part of the PEER project portfolio in Costa Rica, has extended an official recognition to the Program BUN-CA/PEER for the significant results achieved with the implementation of energy efficiency measures in their facilities in the last 2 years. (See letter).