Workshop: Enhancing Energy Efficiency in SMEs, El Salvador

Lizeth Zúniga, Country Representative BUN-CA and
Macario Pino, Project Officer BUN-CA

On June 23, 2009, BUN-CA/PEER conducted in San Salvador the Workshop “Follow up to the EE consultants who work with SMEs in El Salvador" which included the participation of 28 participants, 15 consultants and advisors of SMEs, 3 SME owners, suppliers of electrical equipment, as well as representatives of international cooperation agencies such as UNDP, GTZ and the World Energy Council.


Presentation of EE Results organized by MEM, Nicaragua

Sr. Edmundo Perez, Consultant of BUN-CA

BUN-CA/PEER participated on June 24th in the presentation of results of energy audits in the public sector under the framework of the initiative "Development of Energy Efficiency in Nicaragua", which is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and led by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM).

Upon request of MEM, BUN-CA/PEER made a technical presentation based on the experience of PEER in Energy Efficiency in the region. This presentation was given by the expert Edmundo Pérez, Senior Professor of National University of Engineering, who has been trained in previous years under the PEER Regional Program for academics “Train the trainers on EE in Central America”.

Capacity Building for the FOEX Energy Efficiency Team, El Salvador

Technical staff from the Fund for Export Promotion of the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador -FOEX-, received training from engineer Felix Rodriguez, Technical Officer of BUN-CA, with the objective of updating concepts and present practical examples applied in energy efficiency, as a follow up to the efforts undertaken by PEER and FOEX since 2007.

FOEX -as a financing fund for promoting competitiveness in small and medium enterprises of El Salvador- has given emphasis to energy efficiency, since it is a viable alternative for supporting the Salvadoran private sector to improve their productivity by adopting energy efficiency measures in electricity consumption.

Strengthening of a partnership with the new political authorities in Panama

BUN-CA, in the framework of PEER, with the objective of updating topics on each component of the regional initiative and considering the recent change in government in Panama, organized a mission leaded by PEER Project Coordinator, José María Blanco.

During the mission meetings were held with the new authorities of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Environment, the GEF focal point. Detailed presentations were made to share with the new authorities the activities carried out by PEER since 2006, as well as those activities that BUN-CA is planning to implement in the coming months in Panama.

PEER Portfolio Industry is awarded in Panama

The company "Kiener Products" dedicated to the production of sausage, which is part of the portfolio of the Regional Program (PEER), was honored by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) as a winner in the category "Best System Implementation for Clean Production in a Large Company” for the project:" Efficient Lighting in Panama”. This award was given during the celebration of the Clean Production awards in its 8th edition.

From investments carried on Energy Efficiency in their facilities, BUN-CA conducted in 2008 a case study to show the results accomplished. (See case study)


Hotels in El Salvador joined PEEST in its 4th phase

BUN-CA officers, Macario Pino and Félix Rodríguez, visited El Salvador last June, 2009, in order to ignite activities to implement the Energy Audits in small hotels, in coordination with the Association of Small Hotels of El Salvador. In this first visit, 8 energy audits were carried out in hotels located in the Departments of San Salvador, Sonsonate and La Paz

Hotel in Nicaragua, part of PEEST IV portfolio, is awarded as a sustainable business in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hotel Boutique Casa Naranja in Managua, Nicaragua, part of PEEST portfolio, due to its good results in energy efficiency, has been included in the initiative Eco-Index Sustainable Tourism, which is led by Rainforest Alliance, and was also accepted in the list of sustainable businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Workshop for the assessment of needs to implement climate change mitigation measures in Costa Rica

BUN-CA participated in the launching of the National Economic Development and Environment Study (NEEDS) for Climate Change, held on June 30 2009 at INCAE, Alajuela. The aim of the workshop was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of funding needs to implement mitigation measures required at the country level due to the national commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2021.

This initiative is sponsored by the Ministry of Electricity, Telecommunications and Environment MINAET, the INCAE Business School, and the World Bank.

PEER Project shared results in the Renewable Energy Fair in Leon, Nicaragua

Félix Rodríguez, Technical Officer of BUN-CA-Nicaragua, made a presentation on "Implementation of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO) on hotels and SMEs” on July 17, 2009 in the 1st Educative Fair on Renewable Energy ", under the agreement signed by BUN-CA with Instituto Politécnico La Salle, Leon, Nicaragua.

Coopetarrazú R.L. cuts operating costs significantly by adopting energy efficiency measures

One of the largest Costa Rican companies dedicated to coffee production, which is part of the PEER project portfolio, thanked PEER due to the significant results achieved with the implementation of energy efficiency measures. (Acknowledgment letter)