Private Energy Efficiency Consultant Network Supported by BUN-CA / PEER in El Salvador

As a result of the technical trainings provided by BUN/CA/PEER in 2007 to “Engineering Firms and Power Macro-Consuming Business Technicians” in the framework of agreements signed with ASI and Mexican-based entity FIDE, the “Energy Efficiency Consultant Network” was formed in El Salvador.

The Network is composed of senior engineers Roberto José Frot, Francisco Javier Vadillo, and Horacio Mendoza in a strategic alliance with CAPITAL ENERGY, S.A. DE C.V., a company managed by the international expert in energy management, Jerry W. Kelm. This network is currently expanding its consultant membership in order to build an interdisciplinary team on this new professional services.

The Network develops Energy Audits focused on a more efficient and profitable use of electricity, and also contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by helping reduce energy demand at the national level.


Discussion Group: Energy Efficiency Introduction and Awareness-Raising in the Costa Rican Tourism Sector

On January 28, in La Fortuna of San Carlos, one of the most important tourist areas in Costa Rica, BUN-CA-PEEST conducted the workshop “Discussion Group: Energy Efficiency Introduction in the Costa Rican Tourism Sector”, co-financed by the Dutch Foundation HIVOS, in order to keep on strengthening small participating hotels on energy-saving opportunities, as well as developing a best practices culture on the rational energy use.

Participants included hoteliers, officials from HIVOS, the regional power distribution company, Coopelesca R.L., the Association of Tourism Microbusiness People of La Fortuna (AMITUFOR), and the Regional Tourism Forum FORETUR, among others.

Workshop on “Energy Efficiency Introduction and Awareness-Raising in the Tourism Sector” in Nicaragua.

BUN-CA, in coordination with the Nicaraguan Hotel Association, will carry out on Thursday February 19 the “Workshop on Energy Efficiency Introduction and Awareness Raising in the Tourism Sector”, as the beginning of the fourth phase of the Energy Efficiency Regional Program’s in the hotel sector.

This initiative is meant to promote efficient use of electricity in small hotels, thus contributing to reduce their energy consumption, strengthening their image in harmony with the environment, and improving their competitiveness.

Central America

National Workshops with Consumer Advocay Institutions

Within the framework of the Regional Project “Strengthening Processes to Assess Efficient Electric Equipment Conformity”, financed by the USAID/CCAD agreement, BUN-CA will coordinate 3 workshops to take place in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador with national standardization organizations and consumer advocacy institutions.

The purpose of these workshops is to start encouraging these players into embracing developed technical standards and introduce them to Conformity Assessment Processes. 

Events are scheduled for February 17, 24 and 26 in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador, respectively.

XIII Regional Forum: “Rural Electrification with Renewable Energies in of/grid Central American Sites”

The Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM), the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) of Nicaragua, in the framework of the Finland-Central America Energy and Environment Alliance (AEA), are organizing the XIII Regional Forum on Rural Electrification with Renewable Energies in off/grid Sites in Central America.

The Forum is aimed at disseminating successful experiences in the Central American area, as well as the technologies used in the field of rural electrification in isolated areas using renewable energy sources in order to increase productivity and  quality of life of rural communities not connected to the grid, including financing mechanisms for this kind of projects.

The event will be taking place at the Real Intercontinental Hotel, Managua, Nicaragua, on March 18- 20, 2009.

Regional EE Program Implementation Follow-Up Missions

PEER Project Regional Coordinator –José Blanco- and BUN-CA Director of Operations -Kathya Fajardo- will go on monitoring missions to 3 countries in the region. In early February, they were visiting Panama, where they held meetings with energy sector authorities and representatives of the industrial business sector.

Subsequently, in Nicaragua they will follow up on activities performed within the PEER framework, and will hold meetings with key institutions, as well as visiting large businesses and SME’s that are part of the project portfolio.

During the last week of February they will be visiting El Salvador to coordinate with local counterparts.