Workshop on Energy Diagnoses: “A Tool for Mobilizing Investments in Energy Efficiency”

Last October 22nd in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, BUN-CA and the Finnish organization MOTIVA carried out the Workshop “Energy Diagnoses: A Tool for Mobilizing Investments in Energy Efficiency”, with support from the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America and the E+Co Capital Investment Fund.

The Workshop was conducted by experts on the subjects of Energy Diagnoses and innovative Energy Efficiency project financing mechanisms who strengthened technical knowledge in the Central American region.

It was attended by 55 consultants, engineering firms, and business managers interested in developing energy efficiency markets in the electric power sector and galvanizing investments in efficient electrical equipment. 


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Regional Policy Actions for the Central American Electrical Sector

As part of PEER Project’s Policy Component, BUN-CA continues supporting Central American governments in developing more favorable policies on energy efficiency, for instance:

  • Nicaragua: In January 2008, the President of the Republic issued Decree Nº 2-2008, “Energy Use Planning”, a guideline BUN-CA/PEER have been supporting through different actions performed in the country in coordination with both government (MEM, MIFIC, INPYME, INTUR) and non-government (CADIN, HOPEN, CANTUR, UNI, CP+L, Rainforest Alliance, and others) local actors. The process to develop an EE Bill is starting.

  • Panamá: The Energy Secretariat was created, and BUN-CA/PEER have supported a review of the “Energy Efficiency Act” draft bill promoted by this Secretariat.

  • Costa Rica: The “General Electricity Act” is being reviewed by the main actors in the Energy Sector, where opportunities have been identified to support the Energy Efficiency Chapter.

  • El Salvador: Energy Council’s Energy Efficiency policy guidelines were approved through ASI. These guidelines will direct BUN-CA/PEER activities in 2009.


Successful Completion of Binational Project Activities

The Binational Project, implemented through HIVOS Foundation financial support, concluded its activities and allowed BUN-CA, the Project executor, to strengthen Energy Efficiency (EE) market growth in Nicaragua and Costa Rica among small- and medium-sized businesses with the purpose of “Reducing power consumption in hotels to turn them into the most sustainable and competitive sector".

The main results achieved were:

  • 36 small hotels were actively involved in the Binational Project. This business group was made up of 25 Nicaraguan hotels and 11 Costa Rican hotels.

  • 20 Energy Diagnoses were performed, identifying Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO’s) and generating some 300,000 kWh/year in savings.

  • 8 technical workshops, 5 orientation workshops, and 3 regional workshops were conducted, attended by 136 officials of participating hotels, as well as representatives of public agencies committed to this topic.

  • IIdentifying and approaching gender issues through awareness-raising processes for target groups, in order to improve hotel employee quality of life.


Costa Rica

United Nations Fair

BUN-CA participated in the United Nations Fair organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The event took place at Universidad de Costa Rica on October 24, 2008.


Carbon Fair

BUN-CA participated in an Energy Efficiency exposition and had a stand at the Carbon Fair, organized by UNDP Nicaragua in its facilities, in order to implement a Green Office and make carbon footprint known.

BUN-CA enjoyed the support from lighting equipment manufacturers SINTER and TECNOLITE, who exhibited efficient equipments available in the marketplace.



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Renewable Energy Forum

This coming November 20, 2008, BUN-CA will present a paper at the IV Renewable Energy Forum, under the motto “Renewable Energies: A Sustainable Development Alternative,” accepting an invitation from the Renewable Energy Promotion Group (GIER) of the Nicaraguan Department of León, a group encouraging the use of alternative energies.

Community Rural Development Fair 2008

BUN-CA will participate with an EE stand and exposition in the Community Rural Development Fair, organized by the Small Donation Program of Nicaragua, this coming November 28, 2008, in Managua.
This fair is meant to disseminate experiences, lessons learned, results, and project-developed tools with the goal of creating synergies among organizations working on the subjects of local natural resource management.

El Salvador

Ana Ma. González Trabanino Wins the 2008 ASINQUI Award

The Salvadoran Association of Chemical Engineers (ASINQUI) designated Ana Ma. González Trabanino, BUN-CA Country Representative, as "PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR" granting her the 2008 ASINQUI Award.

4ª Industrial Fair of the Salvadoran Industrialist Association

With an eye to continue supporting Salvadoran industry, the Salvadoran Industrialist Association has organized the 4ª Industrial Fair, called “50 Years Supporting Industry”, where BUN-CA will be presenting a paper on Energy Efficiency.

The Fair will be held on November 21-22, 2008, at the Central American Pavillion, International Fair and Convention Center. Further Information

Cleaner Production Regional Award

The Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD) is inviting to participate in the Cleaner Production Regional Award. Further Information

Forum on Sustainable Energy for Central and North America

The Organization of American States (OAS), in collaboration with the Secretariat General of the Central American Integration System (SICA), is organizing the Forum on Sustainable Energy for Central and North America, which will take place in San Salvador, El Salvador, on December 11, 2008 at the Real Intercontinental Hotel. (Further information )


2ª International Energy Fair

The Guatemalan Ministry of Energy and Mines is organizing the 2nd Energy Fair “Competitiveness with a Better Environment: Challenges for Guatemala and Central America.”
The event will take place on December 1-3, 2008 at the Camino Real Hotel
. (Further information)