“National Congress of Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineering, and the Like, CONIMEIRA XIII”

BUN-CA took part in CONIMEIRA XIII through a presentation on “Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy” by regional expert engineer Ana Ma. González.

The Congress was organized by the Salvadoran Association of Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineers (ASIMEI) and was aimed at experts on the subject, government institutions, universities, and the general public. In addition, it was attended by Salvadoran and international expert speakers. For additional information, please visit http://www.asimei.org.sv/conimeira/.

Workshop on Energy Diagnoses: “A Tool for Mobilizing Investments in Energy Efficiency”

BUN-CA, through a strategic alliance with Finnish organization MOTIVA and with support from the Alliance for Energy and Environment, is organizing the Workshop “Energy Diagnoses: A Tool for Mobilizing Investments in Energy Efficiency”, in order to strengthen technical knowledge in the Central American region on energy audits in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The Workshop will be attended by Honduran engineering consultants and firms interested in developing energy efficiency markets in the electric power sector and galvanizing investments in this sector. 

Results of this first Workshop will be presented at the XII Regional Forum: Bioenergy, Forestry Resources, and Energy Efficiency in Central America.

The event will take place on October 22nd in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Professionals interested in participating, please get in touch with Evelyn Jiménez, email: ejimenez@bun-ca.org.

II Workshop on “Energy Efficiency in Nicaraguan Industrial and Commercial Sector Small and Medium Businesses”

On September 8-13, 2008, BUN-CA, in coordination with the pubic agency Nicaraguan Small and Medium Business Institute (INPYME) and the regional NGO Rainforest Alliance, carried out the II Workshop on “Energy Efficiency in Nicaraguan Small and Medium Businesses”, with the participation of the Energy Efficiency Promoter Network, made up of INPYME promoters, independent advisors and consultants for Nicaraguan SMB’s, and Rainforest Alliance advisors.

The Workshop was attended by 20 professionals from INPYME, Rainforest Alliance, the Ministry of Energy (MEM), the Cleaner Production Center (CPML), and other in-country major agencies, who strengthened their technical capacities concerning energy efficiency in the end use of electricity. The workshop, conducted by PEER technical team experts, shared practical experience in providing energy efficiency services focusing on the subject of refrigeration.

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Plenary Meeting of the Regional Energy Efficiency Committee, COPANT

As part of the activities developed by the PEER Regional Project, BUN-CA financed the attendance of technical officials from INTECO (Costa Rica) and CONACYT (El Salvador), at the technical plenary meeting of COPANT Regional Energy Efficiency Committee (CT-152), which took place in Lima, Peru, on September 24-26, 2008.

The participation of these Standardization Organizations was fundamental in providing continuity to the national and regional work that is being supported on the subject of EE Standardization and Labeling, facilitated by BUN-CA/UNDP-GEF, within the framework of PEER.

These events contribute to establish each country’s position as to minimum performance values, testing methods, and labeling for efficient electrical equipment.  

Costa Rica

Steering Committee Meeting, PEER Project

Within the framework of the Regional PEER Project, the IV Regional Steering Committee Meeting was held to provide feedback to and share with members the main activities performed and achievements made this year. Similarly, members were given the 2009 PEER Work Program to be reviewed with representatives from each sector, as shown in table below:


Position / Institution


Marcela Paredes

Dean, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá


Carlos Saade

Representantive, Salvadoran Industrialist Association


Cesar Barahona

Director, Center for Cleaner Production, Nicaragua


Gloria Villa

Director, Energy Sector, Costa Rica


James Hirsch

Project Director


Vanessa Zamora

Representantive, UNDP-Costa Rica


The event took place last October 07, 2008, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Regional Energy Efficiency Program, Strategic Planning Session

On October 13-15, in San Jose, Costa Rica, BUN-CA held its Strategic Planning Session to coordinate Regional Energy Efficiency Program activities for 2009 where activities carried out during 2008 were monitored and schedule main actions for 2009.

First RED-DES Program Workshop-Meeting

BUN-CA Regional Director, Mr. José María Blanco, is participating in the 1ª RED-DES Program Workshop-Meeting jointly conducted by HIVOS, Sulá Batsú, and the Galileo Foundation, on October 15-17, 2008, in San Jose, Costa Rica. 


First International Energy Symposium

Through its in-country representative, Gilberto Ortiz, BUN-CA will be presenting a paper on energy efficiency at the 1ª International Energy Symposium “Industry and the Energy Challenge,” on October 8, 2008, in Panama City. More information at: www.simposioenergia.com.



The Alliance for Energy and Environment with Central America (AEA), together with the Honduran State Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), are organizing the XII Regional Forum: Bioenergy, Forestry Resources, and Energy Efficiency in Central America.

This Forum is meant for Central America and Europe to exchange experiences and knowledge concerning sustainable use of forestry resources, as well as promoting energy efficiency by encouraging projects that will contribute to alleviate the global climate change impact, and presenting financing systems for this kind of projects. It is targeted on government officials, businesspeople, NGO’s, academic sector, and other institutions dealing with the issue in countries belonging to SICA and Europe. BUN-CA will be making a presentation on the importance of energy audits for mobilizing investments.

The event will be held on October 22-24 at the Copantl Hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. More information at http://www.sica.int/energia/index.aspx.