Second Workshop, “Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises in the Nicaraguan Commercial and Industrial Sectors”

In coordination with the Nicaraguan Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises (INPYME) and Rainforest Alliance, BUN-CA held the Second Workshop on “Energy Efficiency in Nicaraguan Small and Medium Enterprises” with the participation of the Nicaraguan Network of Energy Efficiency Promoters, made up by INPYME promoters, independent Nicaraguan SME advisors and/or consultants, and Rainforest Alliance advisors in the hotel industry.

The workshop's goal is to strengthen technical capacities for energy efficiency among end-electricity users, providing them with hands-on experience for implementing their services, with a focus on refrigeration. The workshop, was given by BUN-CA technical personnel, and was held at the Hotel Mansión Teolinda in Managua, September 8-13, 2008. (See agenda)

Plenary Meeting of the COPANT Regional Energy Efficiency Committee

Upon invitation of the Costa Rican Institute of Technical Standards (INTECO), BUN-CA will be participating in the plenary meeting of the COPANT Regional Energy Efficiency Committee (CT-152), to be held in Lima, Peru, on September 24-26, 2008; as a key activity related to the standardization activities in the EE Regional Policy Component.

The goal of participating in this Latin American event is to provide continuity to our 2007 participation, which is part of the national and regional work being carried out on standardization and labeling facilitated by BUN-CA/UNDP-GEF.

It also contributes to strengthening the process of evaluating energy efficiency compliance among the largest selling electrical products in Latin America, once the Central American countries have agreed on a set of energy efficiency standards, thanks to the activities carried out by the regional initiative PEER  in the last two years.

SME Strategy: Hotels Implement Energy-Saving Measures

The Arenal Springs Hotel and Las Colinas Hotel, participants in the SME Strategy which are located in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica, have recognized BUN-CA’s support as essential in carrying out their activities for using energy-efficient equipment and implementing best energy efficiency practices in their facilities.

The Arenal Springs Hotel has worked with BUN-CA on the issue of energy efficient equipment and gender-focused staff training with respect to the rational use of electricity.

The Las Colinas Hotel has also participated in the Binational Energy Efficiency Project in the Costa Rican – Nicaraguan Tourism Sector (PEEST III), and has implemented best energy efficiency practices and raised its awareness of the importance of working with staff on saving electricity.

As key for triggering energy efficiency markets, both hotels are now part of a large effort also supported by BUN-CA in monitoring and verification of monthly energy savings; and activity which is possible thanks to the UNDP, GEF, HIVOS, AEA, CCAD/USAID, among other international cooperation agencies.

Energy Efficiency Certification of Refrigerators, Electrical Appliances and Freezers

The ICE Group in Costa Rica has publicly invited the domestic refrigeration industry to certify its equipment under the INTE 28-01-04-08 technical standard, “Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators, Electrical Appliances and Freezers – Maximum Consumption Limits”, a technical standard which BUN-CA/PEER Project has helped prepare. (More information at INTECO)