3ª Train the Trainers Workshop, San Salvador, El Salvador

In developing activities for the Regional Energy Efficiency Project (PEER), last July BUN-CA conducted the 3ª “Train the Trainers on Energy Efficiency” Regional Workshop, in coordination with El Salvador’s Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), with participation of teaching faculty from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama universities.

This 3ª Workshop was meant to continue strengthening regional teaching faculty capabilities in supporting market transformation related to the efficient use of electricity and focused on refrigeration and air conditioning. The goal is to enhance technical knowledge transfer to Central America brought by international experts.

This ended the group training stage for university teaching faculty regionally. Subsequently, the academic EE training initiative process leaded by BUN-CA/PEER will be continued bilaterally. Subjects covered since 2006 are:

  • Energy Audits, concepts and hands-on training methodologies, Panama City, Feb. 2007.
  • Efficient Lighting, state-of-the-art, San Jose, Dec. 2007.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, state-of-the-art, San Salvador, July 2008.

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Case Study: “Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP)”

Under its Energy Efficiency Regional Strategy, BUN-CA is pleased to release a new case study carried out at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP). This case shows the results obtained from implementing energy efficiency measures that have led to a sustained decrease in electricity consumption in their main campus since 2002.

SME Consultant Follow-Up Work Session, Nicaragua

Together with the Nicaraguan Institute for Small and Medium Businesses (INPYME), BUN-CA held last July 07 a Strengthening Session for SME Consultants for the consultants trained in the 2007 “Nicaraguan Small and Medium Business Energy Efficiency” Workshop, in order to monitor their experiences and exchanges with SME’s related to energy efficiency and best practices in working with this market niche.

As a result of this Session, the Nicaraguan SME Consultant Network was created to channel INPYME information on future activities to support the triggering of EE with SMEs.  


BUN-CA/HIVOS Project Final Workshop

In the framework of the HIVOS-financed PEEST III Project, BUN-CA and the Nicaraguan Small Hotel Association (HOPEN) conducted the Final Workshop of the PEEST III Project.

This event was attended by 63 participants mostly from the participating target hotels, HIVOS officials, energy efficient equipment vendors, and the BUN-CA team. Project achievements in terms of KWh saved and the experience of some small hoteliers in implementing electricity saving measures were validated.

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Participating Project Target Hotels

As the Executing Agency of the PEEST III Binational Project, financed by HIVOS Foundation, BUN-CA wishes to express its gratefulness to the new hotels that have participated and shared their results in implementing this phase of the Project;

Hotels in Nicaragua

Hotels in Costa Rica

Casa Naranja

Las Colinas

Los Pinos

Casa Luna Lodge

El Raizón

Daisyta City and Resort

Los Robles


Villa Americana


La Gran Francia


Patio del Malinche


La Pérgola


Plaza Colón


El Sueño de Meme


Los Balcones


El Convento




El Pantano




Las Colinas


El Conquistador


Mansión Teodolinda


Also, our gratitude to Nicaraguan counterpart organizations that helped in project implementation:

  1. HIVOS,
  2. Small Hotel Association (HOPEN),
  3. Tourism Institute (INTUR),
  4. Nicaraguan Chamber of Small and Medium Tourist Industry (CANTUR).

Similarly, we would like to thank the institutions involved in the process:

  • Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM),
  • Cleaner Production Center of Nicaragua (CPML),
  • Rainforest Alliance.