Presentation of National Energy Efficiency Technical Standards, San José, Costa Rica

Last July 2ª, within the PEER framework, BUN-CA and the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO), as implementer of the Program for SME Competitiveness through Technical Standardization in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic held the event “Presentation of National Energy Efficiency Technical Standards in Costa Rica.

This event was attended by 65 participants, including public officers from the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the Energy Sectoral Directorate (DSE), the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), and the financial sector, as well as energy-efficient equipment vendors, which held an exhibition of their locally distributed products that meet current energy-efficiency standards.

This event reached the following objectives:

  • Presenting and disseminating energy efficiency standards refrigerators and compact fluorescent lamps developed by INTECO with BUN-CA/PEER support in the framework of the Program for SME Competitiveness through the regional Standardization initiative in Central America.
  • Promoting the application of EE standards developed in the production sectors, particularly in small- and medium-size enterprises (SME’s).
  • Presenting the benefits for product certification under the INTECO/IDB/MIF Program.
Technical presentations may be accessed at BUN-CA website,

.......Main Speakers .......Costa Rican participants

3ª Train the Trainers Workshop, San Salvador, El Salvador

BUN-CA, within the framework of the Regional Energy Efficiency Project (PEER) is conducting until July 25, 2008, the 3ª “Train the Trainers on Energy Efficiency” Regional Workshop. This third event is executed in coordination with El Salvador’s Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), gathering teaching faculty representatives from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama universities.

This 3rd workshop is meant to continue strengthening mechanical and electrical faculty capabilities in supporting market transformation related to the efficient use of electricity, which in this case is focused on refrigeration and air conditioning. The idea is to enhance technical knowledge transfer brought by international experts to the trainers, who play a multiplying factor for the Central American universities.

Iª Central American Workshop on Clean Energy “Sharing Experiences and Looking to the Future”

BUN-CA Regional  Director, José Ma. Blanco, attended the Iª Central American Workshop on Clean Energy “Sharing Experiences and Looking to the Future.”

This workshop was organized by E+Co, a leading company in renewable energy and energy efficiency project financing, and SOL RAY, a Costa Rican company engaged in promoting clean energy, with the purpose of sharing experiences and achievements by well-known Central American businesses in the use of solar energy. This event was held on June 16 at the Selva Verde Hotel, Costa Rica. (See agenda)


Energy Diagnoses Delivered to Nicaraguan Hotels

BUN-CA, in the framework of the PEEST III Project, financed by HIVOS, is following up on actions developed with the participating hotels by delivering their Energy Audits and monitoring identified energy conservation measures in order to reduce their electricity bills.

BUN-CA/HIVOS Project Final Workshop

In the framework of the HIVOS-financed PEEST III Project, BUN-CA and the Nicaraguan Small Hotel Association (HOPEN) will be conducting the Final Workshop of the PEEST III Project to be held in Casa Estelí, Estelí, Nicaragua, this coming July 30.

Efficient Electrical Equipment Technical Standards Developed in Nicaragua

The Standardization Committee signs technical standards in achieving Energy Efficiency in: Lighting, Electric Motors, and Commercial and Household Refrigeration. Currently, these standards are at the public consultation stage.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Publications

Technical publications released by BUN-CA on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy subjects are available online. (See listing)

Technical Visits made to PEER Business Portfolio

BUN-CA and the Clean Production Center (CP+L) of Nicaragua, in the framework of their Technical Collaboration Agreement, carried out technical visits to Nicaraguan participating commercial and industrial firms, in order to identify energy conservation opportunities meant to create a market for energy efficiency and, hence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the power sector.